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Above all we are dedicated to promoting the well-being of society and nature by using cutting-edge technology. Thus we enable people to build and work within resilient and sustainable communities.

What we do

We are reliable and committed partners for businesses seeking practical web3 solutions. In other words, we develop comprehensive blockchain strategies for token economic systems, engage in web3 education, community design, and scientific research. Our clients come from a variety of organizations, including international, public and corporate institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as start-ups in the field.

Shape new digital systems for automation and efficiency with Tokenomics and Token Engineering.

Master Next-Gen digital systems and communities with web3 tools, AI, and blockchain technology.

Experience a decentralized governance in action designing a DAO for your stakeholders.

Explore our work, benefit from our experience in research and partnerships with universities.

What you get

Moreover, we offer comprehensive support and customized solutions. Our consulting services are tailored to meet specific needs including bespoke research and solution development for unique challenges. As a result, our partners rely on our ongoing support and advisory services to achieve long-term success in blockchain, web3, and decentralized governance. Our role is to assist you in reaching your objectives and navigating the constantly changing digital landscape.

  • Custom token design and economic modeling
  • Tokenomics audits and optimization
  • ICO/STO advisory services for fundraising
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Online courses and certification programs
  • Personalized training for organizations
  • Design and implementation of DAO structures
  • DAO governance consulting and management
  • Token Management
  • In-depth research on blockchain and web3-related topics
  • Proof of Concept
  • Collaboration with universities and research institutions
  • Full-stack development services
  • Smart contract development and auditing
  • Building dApps and platforms
  • DeFi protocol development
  • Yield farming strategies and optimization
  • DeFi security audits

  • NFT platform management
  • Artistic and creative consulting for NFT creators
  • NFT curation and community engagement strategies
  • Blockchain-based energy tracking and trading
  • Tokenized incentives adoption
  • Cooperative governance
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Building and nurturing ecosystems for your ideas
  • Connecting projects with investors and stakeholders


From finely tuned token economic models to comprehensive web3 education, our projects foster innovation, transparency, and community-driven success. In conclusion, we offer tailored solutions and products showcasing blockchain technology as our core investment into the future.


Your Investment In Doing Good

Imagine you create a social impact by investing in an educational project in Africa. Alternatively, you can fund a project that improves water supply in communities in Nigeria. Would you want to know what happened to your donations?


Let’s Talk About Art!

And let’s do it in a DAO. Here’s the thing: The Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna ventures into web3 and creates a DAO for its audience. What’s next? Watch how the relationship of a centralized museum with its web3 community unfolds. Get involved and become part of the experiment!

Reward Token meets Education

In a world where education is the golden ticket to success, the journey from learning to earning has become an integral part of every young person’s life.

DAO: Embrace your Audience!

What keeps people interested and connected and does it really need to be about crypto rewards? We at Caliberco see DAOs as a future way of organizing communities, distributing rights equally and generating impact by engagement.

Helping young Africans innovate for climate resilience

Africa is the continent that will be most adversely affected by climate change. YOMA OR helps young people to grow their skills along a learning to earning pathway.

The Power of Decentralization: Energy Tokens

Decentralized P2P trading of energy can become a game changer for rural communities. We have examined a few initiatives and packed our findings into a paper for the European Commission.


Consequently, we are expanding our collection of publications, which includes advanced white papers, in-depth research, and educational content. Our papers demonstrate our commitment to sharing knowledge and contributing to the decentralized world with valuable insights and expertise, all while fostering a community-driven ethos.

We are always here to help, so feel free to reach out to us!


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    Blockchain technology is our investment into the future. Our goal is to shape a decentralized world. For this we draw upon a wealth of expertise together with our dedicated team of professionals, deep industry partnerships, and cutting-edge research partners.

    Mirella is a blockchain tech and community strategist.

    Mirella Baernthaler, MSc.

    COO, GP

    Alexander is an investment and blockchain tech strategist.

    Alexander Baldele, MA

    GM, GP